Structural Load Definition and Design Verification

Finite Element Analysis and other analysis tools allow for the highly accurate stress, stiffness, displacement and life studies to be undertaken. However, in order for these to accurate the structural loading needs to be understood. In aging structures this may be more complex as the original design or level of degradation may be unknown. EngAnalysis can measure dynamic stresses, vibration and stiffness allowing for model modifications and load case reconstruction.


Operational Load definition On Large Steel Bridges

EngAnalysis instrumented a number of structural members of an iconic Sydney bridge with accelerometers and strain gauges to define the operational loads. The measurement and logging system includes 12 channels of accelerometers, over 50 strain gauges operated continuously for 6 months. Strain gauges delivering insight into dynamic amplification loading and fatigue life for the structure. While accelerometers gives change in natural frequency with change in mass allowing for calibration of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) models.

Load Case Reconstruction from Strain Measurements

EngAnalysis have undertaken complex load reconstructions from strain gauge results. This includes, developing unit load cases for FE analysis, determining strain gauge locations that will allow for reconstruction using nCode DesignLife. EngAnalysis can then deploy the strain gauges, recording strain history ans are able to reconstruct a load history of the structure.