Other Engineering Capabilities

Our team is made up of mechanical engineers and managers, each of which individually bring a broad range of experience to the team. This collective skill set of EngAnalysis gives us a large scope in what we can offer. Some of the our other engineering capabilities are listed below:

  • Rail vehicle network accreditation and type testing

  • Insurance investigations

  • Engineering project management

  • Product development management and implementation

  • Lean design system implementation

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems

EngAnalysis engineers have worked in the design, development and implementation of renewable generation and energy storage systems, including:

  • Design of structures and systems for 250kW subsea wave power generator

  • Design and development of kW scale energy storage systems

  • System engineering and specification for Megawatt scale battery storage systems for stabilizing micro-grid and utility scale ancillary services

Whether you are a system developer, project developer or asset owner EngAnalysis provides independent:

  • Engineering due diligence and owners engineer services

  • System specification and design

  • Product development leadership

  • Testing, failure analysis investigations