Rail and Rolling Stock Projects

Bogie Warp Stiffness Investigation

EngAnalysis investigated the relationship between 3-piece bogie warp and rail wheel squeal. Our engineers developed test procedures and advanced software for testing, quantification and analysis of bogie warp stiffness and rotational resistance, then undertook on-track test programs to measure the instantaneous bogie warp, rotation and angle of attack.

Complexities due to the range of external variables, degrees of freedom, and uncertainties were captured and defined by using a statistical approach to reporting. Video reports were developed to animate sections of the wagon’s journey. Bogie frame animations using measured data, alongside maps and time domain plots of warp, angle of attack, and bogie rotation visualise the results.

The measurement system used an array of world class amplifiers and signal conditioner units, power management systems, and communications that allowed remote supervision of the test run.


Failure Analysis of Draft Gear Components

In-service rail test program utilising dynamic strain gauging, displacement and temperature measurements and video surveillance in the draft pocket of a coal wagon to investigate a recurring failure of draft gear components.

A testing campaign was operated for 6 weeks to gather data to compare the operational behavior which leads to failures of different draft gear. Measurements included dynamic strain gauging in the draft pocket, use of non-contact IR thermometers, drawbar axial and torsional loading, IP67 string pot displacement sensors for measuring drawbar yaw, pitch and roll angles, and follower plate movement and rotation, and the use of high speed, global shutter cameras to observe the behaviour in the draft pocket.

Post analysis used machine vision algorithms to track draft gear components, identifying times of large displacements and what this correlates to. Results were reported by integrating video footage with strain and displacement data channels to create video reports, visualising stresses and displacements on graphs and as vector animations, with the corresponding video stream.

The significance of results and differences between were presented from a statistical perspective, leading to insightful explanations of the operational behaviour leading to failure.

Dynamic Kinematic Outline Test


Testing rail vehicles for compliance to interface requirements and operating standards: Dynamic kinematic outline test (RSU 289)

To operate a vehicle on the RailCorp network vehicles must comply with the interface requirements set by the Asset Standards Authority. To demonstrate compliance to many of these requirements, a measurement program is required. EngAnalysis have expertise in undertaking on-track measurement campaigns in the rail industry. A recent example of this was to test the dynamic kinematic outline of a wagon.

The wagon is instrumented with an array of displacement transducers to measure the wagon body roll, vertical bounce, and lateral movement during operation. The project scope included:

  •  Instrumentation of the wagon and bogie, and set up of data acquisition equipment

  • Remote monitoring of tests and real-time visualisation of test parameters, including GPS position and speed.

  • Review of test results against operating standards

  • In addition to this, detailed analysis of results can be undertaken to understand correlations between measured variables, for example the geographic dependence of peak events.

EngAnalysis are experienced in other rail testing and network operating standard compliance testing:

  • Static vehicle twist tests

  • Ride performance test

  • Static rolling stock outline

  • Locomotive ride performance

  • Stress and fatigue analysis

  • Operational load case definition