EngAnalysis uses innovative technology and sensors to deliver real-time monitoring and data driven solutions. We use technology systems to allow you to visualise data in a usable, significant way. Whether you need an individualised technology system set up, or rapid deployment of an existing testing suite, we can supply, operate and maintain what you need.

Monitoring System Architecture

The EngAnalysis technology platform has been developed as a scalable and flexible system that enables the delivery of cost effective bespoke monitoring solutions. 


Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Our unique fluid approach means that we select and implement the most appropriate DAQ system for the task at hand, be that our proprietary wireless sensing system or off the shelf components. The full suite of DAQ systems integrate fully with our Structural Monitoring platform, including database, analysis and visualisation. 

Data Integrity

We take data integrity as seriously as your asset integrity. To ensure absolute data security, we combine detailed system design, data processing, a secure private network along with secure and backed-up cloud services.

Analysis Anywhere

Our flexible architecture allows for data processing both on the edge and in the cloud, enabling our systems to be lean, fast and appropriate for every task at hand.

Data Analytics

Collecting data isn’t enough, we need to use it to supply answers and solutions. EngAnalysis provides lean data, bespoke data portals and visualisations, automated reporting and notifications with answers you can understand and respond to.  


EngAnalysis operates a hardware independent technology platform. This allows the integration of all types of sensor technologies, and external (PLC, SCADA, etc.) and cloud sources (local weather, traffic data, etc.). Most commonly we measure strain (strain gauges), acceleration and vibration (accelerometers), displacement, temperature and pressure.

Testing Systems

In addition to our monitoring systems we hold various test systems on hand for agile rapid deployment. 

Core to the EngAnalysis fast deployment test suite is the HBM Quantum X data acquisition system (DAQ). Quantum X is a versatile tool for high speed short and long term test and measurement campaigns. The system offers a range of modules typically 4, 8, or 16 channels and is evolving with optical fibre interfaces and specific sensor connectivity. This hardware platform is coupled with Catman DAQ software, providing an “out of the box” OEM supported software. EngAnalysis have over 15 Quantum-X modules and 3 independent field ready systems. We have been utilising this hardware and software platform since its inception with great success.

In addition, EngAnalysis can specify, develop and deploy bespoke test systems, depending on the project needs.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Core to providing end-to-end solutions to our clients’, we have a full suite of analysis tools on hand. This ranges from FEA and CFD analysis through to trained machine learning or AI models. We have developed an extensive and growing code library ranging from generating near real-time load reconstruction, through to analysis of fatigue damage global strain/stress from measured data.    

3D Modelling and Designs

Visualisation is one the biggest aspects of data analysis and interpretation, which is why our team complements our data driven approach 3D modelling and designs, as well a full suite of mechanical, circuit and electrical design tools.