The EngAnalysis team are using measurement, modelling and data analysis methods to undertake failure analysis and investigations. Our methods identify the extent and cause of problems enabling us to recommend effective solutions based on operational data, analysis and investigation.
By investigating the root cause with the use of early fault detection, real-time monitoring and data visualisation, we provide a comprehensive failure analysis, allowing us to recommend optimal, evidence-based solutions that will meet project objectives.

Following the identification of root cause, our engineering team can assist in developing solutions through redesign of components or processes.

Over the years, we have had extensive experience in engineering investigations, covering areas including:

  • Real-time monitoring of crack growth in metals and concrete structures
  • Cast, fabricated and forged component failure analysis and investigation
  • Strain gauging and measurement on PCBs through automated assembly lines to identify high strain processes
  • Fatigue cracking investigation and repair/modification design
  • Determination of inspection regimes for structures subject to fatigue damage
  • IoT solutions for remote monitoring and development of asset health assessment algorithms
  • Investigation into root cause of excessive or unusual component wear
  • Contribution of track conditions to rail vehicle and component fatigue lifeUse of field deployed, custom computer vision systems to track components and observe failures
  • Investigations for warranty and insurance purposes
  • Investigation of dynamic effects in water pipelines
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis