Automated Bridge Survey – Robotic total station

Bogie Warp Stiffness Investigation

Container Wagon Testing, Analysis and Design

Definition of Operational Loads on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Design Validation of Harvester Railing System

Failure Analysis Of Draft Gear Components

Fatigue Crack Growth Monitoring

Freight Bogie Steering Performance

Heritage truss bridge abutment movement

Legal Projects

Monash Woodside Building for Technology and Design

Monitoring as a Service: Managing risk on a damaged bridge

On-track Bogie Steering Performance

Overhead gantry load and stress cycle definition

Points Strain Measurement

Remote vision based detection of rail displacement

Sydney Water Pressure Tunnel

Testing rail vehicles for compliance to interface requirements and operating standards: Dynamic kinematic outline test (RSU 289)

Vibration and Shock Testing – Air Warfare Destroyer

Wagon Structural Monitoring

WestConnex Strut Load Monitoring

Wheel Impacts – Wheel Chip Investigation