Mechanical Design & Analysis is an ever-growing part of our business with our skills principally being used in the transport industry. However, our depth of mechanical engineering knowledge is just as applicable in other key areas such as construction and defence projects.

Our collaborative approach to projects allows us to draw on skills from across the team, our suppliers and our customers, in developing structural safety cases or considering how human factors affect our designs. 

With a full suite of mechanical circuit and electrical design and analysis tools on hand, including an extensive code library for real-time load reconstruction and the integration of measurement data with computational modelling, we supply a range of engineering design and analysis expertise, including 3D modelling. 

Other areas our team covers include:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA), including advanced non-linear, thermal and dynamic analysis
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis of machines and structures
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermal Analysis
  • 3D modelling & simulation
  • Certification of structures

EngAnalysis use a data-driven approach to mechanical design and analysis, utilising field measurements to establish operational load cases and constraints to the model, minimising the number of assumptions and unknowns. The complimentary skill sets within the team of field testing, computational modelling and design allows for a full-service approach to mechanical design and analysis.